Post Covid 19 Car Care Tips From Maintenance To Repair

Today, we all are living in an unprecedented time and with the latest technologies and medical breakthroughs we are lacking to find the road ahead of Covid-19. Doctors are frantically advising peoples what to do and what not to do regarding their health. Here in our blog we are discussing the post Covid 19 car care tips since due to lockdown, our vehicles are left unused. Being a responsible citizen we must prevent the spread of virus. You can anytime dial our Car Helpline number and get in touch with our experts so that we can help you to implement our tips in an appropriate manner.

Choose Right Spot to Park Your Vehicle – A significant amount of damage might occur to your car if it is not parked safely. For parking your car choose a spot that is sturdy and is not surrounded by big vehicles, and make sure that you can easily access it. If you have dedicated parking spaces in your society, then park your car there. If you are looking for roadside assistance in India then you can anytime reach us and our executives will instantly answer your call to resolve your issues.

Safety & Security of Your Vehicle – You should keep your vehicle covered to keep it safe from sunlight, dust, and thieves. Actually you should use thick bed sheets so that is could remain safe. Always check the lock to ensure double safety.

Keep the vehicles Clean – If you have a good parking space then you must clean the vehicle daily which is a wise option. Vehicle could also be cleaned thrice a week if you are following lockdown rules and social distancing. While using the car, you can start the air conditioner and get rid of the dust particles in the cabin. Clean thoroughly both the exterior & interior of the car to avoid the rusting, bacteria and smell. You must clean the car with a damp cloth and let the windows open for the car to dry out. Don’t leave perishable items inside the car, or the rodents will get inside to make substantial damage.

Keep the Battery in Check – Make sure that you take good care of the battery by removing the connections so that it could be prevented from discharging. You can also start your car in every 2 – 3 days and keep it still for some time to prevent it from discharging. You can use multi meter to check the battery voltage.

Avoid Handbrakes – If you are parking your vehicle for prolonged parking then the handbrake may get jammed. Due to corrosion, moving parts may get jammed and disengage the handbrake. So you should put the brick or stone in the front of tyre & engage the first gear of your car.

Insurance & Documents – Keep check on the details of your car insurance and on its renewal date. Don’t leave your documents in the vehicle.

So, in case, you are looking for Emergency car assistance then reach us out. Few steps that we have discussed will help you to take care of your vehicle, rest you can consult with us anytime.

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