5 Reasons to Know Why Your Car Is Not Getting Started

Car Breakdown

After a long tiring day when you are ready to reach home in your car and you turn the key and your car won’t start. What you will do now? There are several reasons why your car is not getting started. Some of the issues can easily be fixed where others might require the roadside assistance or you may even have to tow the car to your mechanic or local workshop.

Here are the 5 Common Reasons Why Your Car Stopped

Starter – Your starter starts the engine once you on the ignition switch of the car. And when your car gets started and the engine is running your job is done. When your starter goes out then your car may not crank properly. If possible listen to the clicking noise as it could be the sign that your starter is going out or bad.

Dead Battery – It is one of the most common reasons that your car will not start. Once your car is running, the alternator starts running and may charge the battery. If the battery doesn’t start to get charge then you will not be able to start your vehicle or use any of the electrical components. If you found that the headlights, dome lights, or radio are not working then these are the sign that you have a dead battery.

When the Battery Could Die?

·        When you have loose connection,

·        The lifespan of battery has expired,

·        The alternator is bad and unable to charge your car’s battery,

·        The water inside the component has been evaporated, and is leading to poor conductivity,

·        Headlights, dome lights are left on for too long and have drained the battery.

Ignition Switch – If you have tested your battery and you are aware that it’s working but the car is not getting started then the ignition switch could be the issue. During the driving, if your car stalls then it could be the big reason for your ignition switch to go out. The faulty ignition switch is the reason to cut off the power to the fuel system & ignition system which causes the engine to stall.

Fuel Pump – Check if your fuel filter is clogged and gas can’t reach the engine and the same is for the fuel pump. If it gets clogged to stops working then your car will not start. The fuel filter must be changed every 2 years. So, next time when your car gets services then considers swapping fuel filters. If you turn on the key to its position & you don’t hear humming noise of the fuel pump then there is the possibility that your fuel pump is not in good situation.

Out of Gas – Yes it happens sometimes when your car doesn’t start the way you think. Many people forget to refill the gas tank especially when you have a faulty gas gauge. All you need to do is to get more gas!!!. If you find it unable to start your car then don’t panic. You just have to call us anytime 24/7 hr and wait for our technician to arrive at your place.

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